Monte and the nature of the 'zipper drill'

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Monte and the nature of the 'zipper drill'

Post by Kid_fullerene on Sun Nov 27, 2016 2:54 pm

hi guys..

here are a couple more things that have run through my head as I approach the golf swing with this sort of agnostic approach..

finally got around to pulling a couple of clips from the film 'Moneyball' ..which tells the story of how a baseball team was rebuilt and played at a high level with what was described as the beginnings of 'big data'..

one looks at this as a sort of 'management paradigm' ..beginning with the end in mind vs. the sort of more 'personality or player driven' sorts of thinking that had long been a staple of American Baseball (and other sports)

systems and metrics vs. individuals and personalities..

data vs. 'chemistry'

not sure exactly how I feel about this..

but let's relate it to golf..

what exactly are we trying to accomplish?

basically sufficient speed to transfer into a stationary object..

in essence we have to move past our own biases..

and predispositions..

not saying that we're all beset by them..but yet..they are the sort of sea we swim in..

the swing ..

I know that the swing is not a unicorn..

I hit more good shots in the last 3 months than I have in ages..and the one thing that my friend did not really touch ..

was my swing..

mainly it was just aim, alignment and rationalizing my effort into target..'less was more'..

next year ..maybe some stuff working with swing and grip and whatnot..

there is probably nothing worse than a 'cured' swingaholic..

but I find it an interesting perspective..

maybe I was just itching to have you look at those Moneyball clips that are pretty cool

nothing quite like the power of a fresh perspective..


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